Flourish SA is a leading medical financial administrative services company.

Specializing in debt recovery and practice income management for the medical professional.

“Those who are planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God.”- Psalm 92:13

to make every garden, flourish

minimizing bad debt and maximizing practice income for the medical professional

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Efficient capturing of daily in-and-out of hospital billing


Motivating and collecting all short paid accounts.

PMB Management

A highly proactive debt recovery service collecting all payments that is due.

Debt Recovery

Efficient capturing of daily

in-and-out of hospital billing

This service include management of

in-and-out of hospital billing on a daily basis to allow real-time claiming. Unlike other bureaus Flourish also manage assistant and modifier billing. Our pundit knowledge in ICD-10 coding ensures that billing is precise

Practice Billing

Comprehensive management of all: receipting, remittances, reconciliation etc.

We know that income management is a crucial part of your financial welfare. Thus, we emphasize the importance of continues communication between the practice, patients and medical aids.

A few of the components includes:


  • Processing of medical aid remittances (capturing and receipting)
  • Receipting of all payments (EFT, cash, card payments etc.
  • Reconciliation
  • Following up queries of medical aids



Income Management

Motivating and collecting all short paid accounts.

Writing-off is no longer the only option! We fight for the money that you worked hard for. Through our customized PMB motivation system we update and motivate all outstanding short paid accounts.

We focus on each short-paid account individually by analyzing the medical aid feedback in detail. Here direct communication with medical aids is of utmost importance, therefore Flourish has established unique relationships with medical aids.  This ensures that every case is followed up and motivated for maximum payment. We truly believe that this tool is essential for optimal prosperity.

PMB Management

Detailed monthly financial reports.

We want to see you FLOURISH, that’s why we will assist you in reaching your earning potential.   Monthly we generate all financial reports in excel/PDF.

This user-friendly layout allows you as Doctor to easily understand all components of your accounts.

From the generated reports you will be able to see results, compare, track and analyze your financial goals. Without effort business decisions and planning ahead can be managed. Some of the reports generated includes: month-end statements, financial transaction summary, VAT reports and patient/medical aid age analysis etc.

Financial Reporting

A highly proactive debt recovery service collecting all payments that is due.

We follow the protocol of debt recovery guidelines. Our remarkable credit control department recovers debt up to 120-days, WITHOUT any extra costs. We aim to recover debt before legal steps are taken.

Thanks to our real-time service provider, we can notify patients with current accounts. After the 120-days’ time spectrum exceeds, legal action follows through our assigned attorneys (all cost to debtor.)

Debt Recovery

Helping patients with all account associated queries.

“An informed patient is a happy patient.” Not only do we nurture our relationships with our clients but healthy relationships with the patients of our clients is crucial. We want to help patients fully understand their

accounts and therefore we have a special patient queries department. This department focus on all patient queries and stays in touch with patients regarding their accounts. Another service that lightens the admin flow exceptionally in your practice, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Patient Queries

and in line with medical board standards. With our well-ordered account system, we also monitor all rejections and correct them on time. We know all specialist have different needs, therefore we are flexible with customized billing policies.  This billing-service that we provide is proven to enhance in practice

work-flow by reducing the administrative load of secretaries.

Why VeriClaim ?

Veri-Claim eases the communication between practice and bureau by the use of special functions such as the electronic diary and patient notes.

About Flourish SA

Flourish SA is a financial administrative service provider helping you as specialists lighten your administrative load, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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