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minimizing bad debt and maximizing practice income for the medical professional

Why VeriClaim

Why won’t we choose VeriClaim? We know how complex the management of a specialist practice can be therefore we recommend and work with no other program than Veri-claim.

VeriClaim eases the communication between practice and bureau by the use of special functions such as the electronic diary and patient notes. Not only does this functions soothe our work as bureau but also lighten the admin weight of secretaries by allowing them to communicate with us through the ‘paper-less’ path.


Functions such as real time claim responses, electronic remittance advice and batch mailing & sms’s helps us to shorten the process of your money coming in.

Why we choose VeriClaim?

VeriClaim also provides search engines such as a clinical rules engine and a billing engine.

All this functions helps us to lead specialists to optimal practice success.

Over the years our team of expertise has worked with a wide range of service providers and none comes near what Veri-claim offers. Therefore we choose this phenomenal program.



If you make the smart choice(rather amazing business investment) of going the Flourish SA way, you have to choose VeriClaim.


This user friendly web-based service provider allows both us and doctor 24-hour access to your profile. An individual username and password is assigned to every user. User access roles can be modified to limit access to specific data ensuring your financial privacy.


Vericlaim provides each doctor with their own customised billing policy set-up, allowing us to do your accounts as you prefer.


Why you should choose VeriClaim?

Some of the other function created for your advantage includes:


  • ICD-10 & RPL search engines
  • Clinical note functionalities
  • Financial Reports
  • Paper-less patient filing
  • Paper-less diary keeping


Just to name a few. This program is known to smoothen practice flow by providing the perfect admin system for secretaries. For more information about VeriClaim please feel free to visit their website.




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Flourish SA is a financial administrative service provider helping you as specialists lighten your administrative load, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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